Welcome to my new online project. A photographic journey dedicated to my hobby, my passion for photography and detail for what some might consider the most mundane objects and scenery. I decided to create this site to share with you the various interests that I have and photos that I have taken. I live in a somewhat quiet suburban town near Montreal in Canada. While there is not always a lot of action going on around here, I try to make the most out of what is surrounding me.

Chateauguay in the Autumn

Chateauguay in the Autumn

I still enjoy taking a long walk with my camera in hand and snapping a few photos of our local wildlife or nature, and occasionally I will stumble upon a newsworthy event, such as an accident or fire scene. While not always pleasant, I feel that every photo I take, is documenting a piece of history for future generations to look back on. Perhaps a photo might not seem interesting at the moment, but maybe someday it will be useful to someone.

My interest in photography really began back in college when I was offered to take some photography courses in my program. I knew very little about the intricacies of photography back then, besides the usual point and click functions, and hoped that the photos turned out when I picked them up from the pharmacy.

March 24th, 2016 - Maple Apartment Fire

March 24th, 2016 – Maple Apartment Fire

My first camera was a refurbished Minolta 35mm SLR camera that cost me over $400 from a camera shop nearby my school. This place was amazing. They had two floors packed full of camera equipment, film, accessories and very helpful staff who helped me begin my passion in photography. Our course required us to use slide film for demonstration in class, so most of my photos were projects for school. After I graduated, I continued to take photos, but not as often, due to the high costs for film and development. It wasn’t until 2005 before I bought my very first digital camera, that is when I began to take photos as a hobby and I have been taking photos since.

Some people prefer portrait photography, but I enjoy focusing on scenery, wildlife and objects. More specifically bus and train photos, which later included emergency vehicles and vintage cars. Since 2013 I have been regularly photographing the Montreal Food Truck scene, and have photos of close to 100 different food truck vehicles from in and around the Montreal area.

Montreal Food Trucks - First Fridays 2016

Montreal Food Trucks – First Fridays 2016

My photos have appeared in various publications and news media over the years, and I have several photo galleries online with my photo content. While this continues to be a hobby, I take my photography very seriously, and I spend a lot of time and money trying to keep up with technology, to have the best quality photos as well as to keep this as fun and affordable as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy these photos and stories.