Food Review: Beyond Meat Burger at Tim Horton’s

  So I decided to try out this new menu item so you all wouldn’t have to. Tim’s now sells burgers, “Beyond Meat” burgers. They’re about the same price as a regular burger from most other places, but this one is supposed to be “better” for you.

My first bite, if I didn’t know, I would say tasted 100% like a Burger King burger. The exact same smoke flavouring they use on their burgers was used here as well. The chew of the burger was more of a crunch though, and then there is the aftertaste. That slight chemical-like taste right at the back of your throat that lasts for a long time after you eat it. It was quite salty as well, had to keep drinking while eating it. But the shredded lettuce and fresh tomato was good, the cheese was at the bottom between the cold ingredients, so it didn’t melt.

The one thing I found the worst about this experience was the bun that disintegrated just by picking it up. It was already falling apart in the wrapper, but totally lost all cohesion when I picked it up for my first bite. So it was an awkward meal trying to keep all the ingredients inside what was left of the bun.

My final thoughts on this: A new experience, and I’m still here to report this, so it wasn’t “that” bad. I’m not sure if I would order it again, since I can walk a few feet over to the next counter and order a real burger at Wendy’s, however this could possibly be good for someone who doesn’t eat meat, it does actually taste like a Burger King burger, once you get past the aftertaste. As for a photo comparison, it didn’t look at all like the advertised burger, but that didn’t bother me, I’m still surprised a donut shop is selling burgers in the first place.

Here is the nutritional chart that can be found on the Tim Horton’s website, or upon request at the restaurant. Note the amount of salt found in this burger, which would explain why it tasted so salty. 1060mg of salt is about half of the recommended maximum daily intake of sodium. And the same for the 26 grams of fat in this burger. To put that into perspective, a McDonald’s Big Mac has less sodium and fat than this plant based burger.

Source: Tim Hortons


Score: 2 Pusheen kittens sitting on burgers out of 5